Upcycling Artistry – Ideas for Your New Project

Upcycling Artistry – Ideas for Your New Project

With so much salvage around the house, you can make so much art. That is no laughing matter. There are literally hundreds of items in your house which you don’t use, but which can be used to create some of the most creative pieces of art. Only your imagination could bind you to an impasse when facing these options. You can sit down in your attic or cupboard and just look all day at the magnificent materials that can become your next masterpiece. Here are many ideas you can employ when starting such a project.

Clothing for Patchwork

Clothing for Patchwork

Starting with clothing since you surely have a lot of that. Newer trends allow the use of a lot of patchy looks even if that is not at all necessary. Patchwork clothes are a great look, especially if you are not wibbly-wobbly and wonky with all the colours and shapes. Pick any old piece of clothing and something that matches it. Cut, rip, tear, and make patches to add to your new clothes or used clothes in order to refresh them further! This allows an infinite amount of options for combinations, so imagine and act now!

Clothing for Covers

If you have or know an art café nearby, then you surely have seen all the fashionware used there. You can step up that game and go further by introducing DIY covers made out of old clothes! Think about it: jeans fabric turned into sofa covers, silky nightgowns turned into table cloths, your dad’s flannel shirts turned into warm blankets for colder seasons or even upholstery!

CDs and DVDs for Clothing

If you have not watched Project Runway, then you have never seen a DVD vest. Then again, you can think that up yourself, as well as many other pieces of (metal) clothing. Today’s art deco and other eccentric styles allow people to wear artsy clothes that look like patched armor. Imagine how much of that can be accomplished with all your old CDs from the basement.

CDs and DVDs for Puzzle Paintings

art sculptures made from recycled materials | Ms Condren at the Exhibition

Then again, all those disks can also go into good use on the wall. Break them apart, turn them into something visually pleasing. Bring all the king’s horses and all the king’s men and turn Humpty Dumpty into something seemly again.

Audio Cassettes for Tape Decorations

The best thing about audio cassettes today is using your worst nightmares when you bought them way back when – taking out all that tape. That is a huge amount of tape! And you can turn it all into something very decorative, such as weaved fabric or hanging décor. Just Google ‘tape art’ and enjoy the various possibilities.

Wine Corks and Bottle Caps for MiscellaniesРезултат с изображение за Wine Corks and Bottle Caps for Miscellanies


These can be so useful if you have the imagination and patience to handle them. There will be a lot of cutting and a lot of painstaking fingerwork involved, but when finished, you can have so many things. Extra details to walls and art, cork statues, cap handles, puzzle pieces, and then some.

Car Tyres

Резултат с изображение за car tyres recycling

And if you have any skills with a carving knife, then you can use them adequately with a car tyre and turn it into the most handsome decoration in the yard. It can be anything from an ottoman to a scarecrow, depending on what your grades were in art school.

The possibilities are only too many to count. Think about all the extra things you can come up with and attempt them. There will be a lot of trial and error, but once complete, your project will be something to be proud of.

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