Rubbish Collection Prices

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Man and Van Rubbish Clearance Prices

When it comes to rubbish clearance service, it can be done with or without your presence. Our team of two professionals will be doing the service for you.
If the amount of the rubbish is more or less, we will adjust the price for you.
Photos before and after will be taken for proof of well done job.

The payment is always taken upon completion of the service.

  • loft prices single item
    loft prices single item

    Single Small Item

    Labour: 5 Mins
    Cubic Yards: 1
    Max Weight: 50kg
    Equivalent to : 4 bin bags
  • Minimum Load

    Labour: 10 Mins(two men)
    Cubic Yards: 1.5
    Max Weight:150kg
    Equivalent to : 8 bin bags
  • 1/4 Load

    Labour: 20 Mins(two men)
    Cubic Yards: 3.5
    Max Weight:250kg
    Equivalent to : 20 bin bags
  • 1/2 Load

    Labour: 40 Mins(two men)
    Cubic Yards: 7
    Max Weight:600kg
    Equivalent to : 40 bin bags
  • 3/4 Load

    Labour: 50 Mins(two men)
    Cubic Yards: 10.5
    Max Weight:950kg
    Equivalent to : 60 bin bags
  • Full Load

    Labour: 60 Mins(two men)
    Cubic Yards: 14
    Max Weight:1200kg
    Equivalent to : 80 bin bags

If you think there is more or not sure how much the cost would be, don’t hesitate to call us on +442037692921 or fill out the online form and we will get back to you within 10 minutes.

Please fill the contact form and we'll call you back within 10 minutes

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