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In the modern world of super production tons of waste is collected every day -old furniture, plastic bottles and packs, various production surplus materials. Upcycling is the new trend that deals successfully and aesthetically with the waste clearance problem. What is the essence of upcycling? All unnecessary items are used to create new and useful furniture

  JunkBunk Ltd. – Your best garden assistants The garden clearance may be a headache if you have a beautiful yard and want to maintain it. Sheds are perfect storage units but their time might come and they might have become useless and you don’t want them to take your place anymore. With help from

 Waste Collection in London The time can be a problem for you have to collect all the waste that is cluttered in some spaces in your house hold or business spaces. In some moment you don’t know where to start and what to do with the whole waste generated. Our waste collection services in London

Garage Clearance Enfield EN3

Monday, 20 March 2017 by

Rubbish Removal and Garage Clearance in Enfield EN3 Happens that the junk might take over the space in your garage and you can`t use it for its primary purpose. Everyone might face with that kind of problem but you don’t have why to keep the garage full of unused items. We have the solution for

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