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By contacting Junk Bunk, you can get professional garage clearance in London. When the moment comes for you to get rid of all the waste in the garage, you can rely on us for any garage emptying scenario.

Usually, we use garages for other purposes, besides sheltering our cars a garage is a wonderful place to put items that we do not use often or do not use at all. When there is no more space in there, its time to call Junk Bunk for excellent garage waste disposal service in London!

Hire Professionals for your Garage Clearance

It is hard work to do yourself! It is heavy, dirty and it takes longer and here is the moment to call us! Our team will clear out the garage, you will have more space for your car or other useful items, we can handle any kind of garage waste, and we offer full and part London garage waste removal, everything is up to your needs.

Junk Bunk offers high-quality rubbish removal services in all areas of London city! We can come everywhere and take out all the waste you do not need anymore, we can do same-day garage clearance in London!

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Because this is our job and we are professionals, just as you do your job the best way possible, we do ours! We have situated our business in every London area because we want to be easily found, we want to be close to you, so you can use our garage emptying services any time you have a place that needs its junk removed.

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We will make more space for your car, when you see your garage empty and tidy, you can use the space for something else than rubbish. Don’t hesitate and hire the best garage waste clearance services on the market!

How much would a Garage Clearance cost you?

Our rubbish collector prices are affordable and you can see them in our clearance price list, if the amount of garbage is huge, we will provide a bigger van and an extra hand, you will not be charged for the extra help, you pay only for the amount of garbage from the garage that is taken out.

Garage Clearance in London

Something to look for when choosing a man and van garage clearance company near you!

Min load 10 Mins
1/4 load 20 Mins
1/3 load 30 Mins
1/2 load 40 Mins
3/4 load 50 Mins
Full load 60 Mins

Your comfort is important to us, and we have arranged our garage rubbish clearance to be accessible and easy to plan, we work according to your time.

Get cheap garage clearance service in London

Our professional garage clearance teams are equipped with everything necessary for lifting heavy and large unwanted items, also we have all the tools for clearing the place and extra people if the job is huge, you just call us and everything else is our responsibility!

Garage Clearance London

We are hard-working and all the jobs will be done perfectly.

Call us on 0203 769 2921 and tell us what you need. Leave the rest to us and leave yourself with the best garage clearance in London.

Frequently asked questions about garage clearance in London:

If you hire a skip, for example, an average price for a mid-sized skip is normally around £250 plus VAT and any permit costs. But if you hire and man and van removal service the prices will be different. Some rubbish clearance services will charge you based on the cubic yards of waste being collected.
There are some ways to get rid of the junk in your garage. You can use the services of the municipality taking into account the waste pick up time and the limited range of the services. On the other hand, you can do it yourself which requires a lot of energy, patience and time or hire a licensed garage rubbish removal company which will do all the work for you.
If you decide to hire professionals for your garage clearance, the price will vary depending on the amount of items for disposal. On average the clearance will cost you between £70 - £300.
Most of the licensed garage clearance companies can help you with sorting your items and then take only the unwanted items. Considering this would probably need more time, it might increase the total cost for your clearance.