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Your garage is full of unwanted items? Call us!

Usually we use garages for other purposes, besides sheltering our cars. A garage is a wonderful place to put items that we do not use often or do not use at all. We offer professional garage cleaning when the moment comes for you to get rid of all the waste in the garage. It is a hard work to do yourself! It is heavy, dirty and it takes long. Here is the moment to call us! Our team will make your garage clean and tidy. You will have more space for your car or other useful items. We can handle any kind of waste, and we offer full and part clearance. Everything is up to your needs.

Please, pay attention – we operate in all areas of London city! We can come everywhere and take out all the waste you do not need anymore. We can do the job the same day!

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Your comfort is important to us, and we have arranged our services to be accessible and easy to plan. We work according to your time.

Garage Clearance Services London


How much?

Our prices are affordable and you can see them in our price list. If the amount of garbage is huge, we will provide a bigger van and an extra hand. You will not be charged for the extra help, you pay only for the amount of garbage that is taken out.

  • Single Item

  • Minimum Load

  • 1/4 Load

  • 1/3 Load

  • 1/2 Load

  • 3/4 Load

  • Full Load



Why us?

Because this is our job and we are professionals. Just as you do your job the best way possible, we do ours! We have situated our business in every London area because we want to be easily found. We want to be close to you, so you can use our services any time you have a place to be cleared.

We will make more space for your car. When you see your garaged clean and tidy, you can use the space for something else than rubbish.

Our professional teams are equipped with everything necessary for lifting heavy and large items, also we have all the tools for clearing the place and extra people if the work is a lot. You just call us and everything else is our responsibility! We are hard-working and all the job will be done perfectly.

Call us on +442037692921 and tell us what we should do. Leave the rest to us!


Only if you dial our phones you will get extremely quick the opportunity to make use of our best clearance services.

Our client testimonials

John DoeJustify Co.
I just used JUNK BUNK - Rubbish Removal Services and I am really happy about the initial cleaning that took place at my house. Everything I expected and more when I got home. I almost don't want to touch or use anything in my house it's so clean. I will have RUBBISH COLLECT TEAM come back once a month for regular service. Trust, attention to detail and competitive pricing are only a few of the many qualities this company has illustrated. I would strongly suggest using RUBBISH COLLECT TEAM to any home owner if you're considering the use of a cleaning service or possibly exploring the services of a new cleaning company.
Clint JonesTravis Co.
Thank you so much to the crew who cleaned rubbish in my house for me last Wednesday (12 june) exceeded all my expectations. This was my first cleaning of rubbish and I gotta tell you that I'm looking forward to next ones. Thank you!

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