About us

Junk Bunk- Private Rubbish Collection Company – available 24/7

Distinguished for wide range of services, connected to household waste clearance, office rubbish removal, builders waste collection and also services for maintaining the cleanliness of your business. We offer one of the most effective services in the region.
Only if you dial +442037692921 you will get extremely quick free quote and the opportunity to make use of our best junk removal services.

There is no waste that we are unable to take!

You will receive from full office clearance to either small or middle-sized garden waste removal including waste-dumping. Even if it takes us a day, a week or a year, you will receive the best services from our team of professionals, without the need to buy anything in order to get the service that you require.

We will provide ourselves with all the tools that are needed to remove the waste, together with brooms, wheelbarrows and everything necessary in the working process. Your job is just calling us on 0203 769 2921 and after that we guarantee that you will receive the most high-quality waste removal services in terms of your needs.

We Offer Flexibility!

One of our greatest advantages is the flexibility of the waste clearance services that we offer. Whenever we engage ourselves with the service of house clearance, we are convinced that we are accessible every day at anytime. We understand that many of the properties owners are forced to take a day off in order to control the rubbish removal processes and it is not always convenient the everyday duties to be interrupted by our services.

Instead of having to drive all day long and even to rent a van to discard your wastes, our only aim is to make it easier for you and come to offer our services on the spot.