Top 10 Valuable Junk Items

During all these years of fieldwork with waste removal, we have encountered a lot of valuable old waste. No matter how old and valuable they are, our friendly, professional teams treat them the right way and are happy with large item pickup. Keep reading about the valuable waste we have found over the years in the city of London.

Old pianos and guitars

If you have an old piano in your home, before throwing it away you may be wondering what its value might be. The values of old or antique pianos vary greatly according to many different criteria. If you have a vintage and very old piano, it probably won’t be much appreciated but it can still be worth up to £ 500. This is because a piano is a machine and each part of the piano may need specialized restoration to bring them back to its usefulness.

If we take a look at guitars there is a difference as they are more valued than pianos. What were once ‘used guitars’ are now vintage instruments. Guitars are valued based on their types and the material from which they are created as some types of guitars contain expensive materials.

Old paintings

You can not always find paintings of great value in galleries and museums. There are many paintings which due to some situations have remained undiscovered. Do not be surprised if one of them will be found in your home. We would advise you to check your attic or garage as there you can discover the undiscovered. If you find something valuable about art like pictures or paintings you can discover how to appraise antique art.

Old typewriters

That old typewriter, forgotten in your garage may be worthless to you, but for those who like the soothing clickety-clack of the keys, it can be of real value. Some good typewriters cost around £ 200 – £ 250, and some of the older antique models can go even further, with current offers coming in anywhere from £ 450 to £ 500.

Old polaroid cameras

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, each of us holds in our hands a high-resolution camera and the latest smartphone. But how exciting is it to hold a real photo in your hands? According to a Vintage Cash Cow, polaroid cameras have been around for over 70 years. By 1956, Polaroid had produced more than one million cameras, with their products being distributed in over 45 countries around the world. This is why polaroid cameras are highly valued.

Old dolls

Certain antique dolls are easier to identify than others. Those with the manufacturer’s mark will be much easier to identify and evaluate. The main thing you need to do is look for the mark of the creator. If you can find the manufacturer’s mark on your old doll, this will give you the most important information needed to identify the doll and then its value.

Old clay pots

Chances are someone in your family has a set of clay dishes piled up in a cabinet, waiting for that fancy dinner that never comes. If you are looking to offload it and make some money, do your research. If your set of clay dishes is Chinese then their value will be so high that you can sell it on eBay maximizing its value. If you think it’s a good enough set you can take it to an antique dealer and get a rating for your set. Some go for hundreds, if not thousands, online.

Old books and magazines

Old books and magazines are like pianos, valued but not at exorbitant prices. If there are books in your home that talk about history and politics, they will receive a higher rating than some other books. While old magazines represent the past and we have the present in front of our eyes it makes humanity make a difference between then and now. If you decide to sell the old magazine in online applications it will be appreciated at a pretty good price.

Gramophone Vinyl Records

Depending on the conditions and what band it is, your old records (or your parents’ old records) could be worth a good amount. While gramophones nowadays can be sold and used for decoration at home, office etc.

Old coins and banknotes

Old coins and banknotes have a pretty high value, especially when it comes to buying them from passionate collectors. If you are willing to sell them and not throw them away there will be a buyer. Withdrawn coin denominations from before the decimalization of the UK’s currency system sell for much greater values than their equivalent worth in pounds, especially if you’re lucky enough to have them in good condition. It’s also worth checking old coins for particular dates that are more valuable to collectors.

Old jewellery

First of all, old jewellery should be studied for its value. Things we might think are so valuable can be worth more pounds, and others that look like a simple chain are worth thousands. Old jewellery can be redesigned, from an old model you can turn them into modern jewellery. The other way is to resell them instead of throwing them away for recycling.

So the moment you decide to remove garbage or old items from your home you can check what you have collected. Inadvertently, in your pill of garbage, you can find items that can be valuable. Instead of being sent to recycling sites would it not be better not to lose the value of old items?

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