Rubbish Removal During Covid-19

Garage Clearance London - Junk Bunk Ltd
Garage Clearance London - Junk Bunk Ltd

We have already entered in winter cold and flu season, it is clear that we still have the impact of the coronavirus COVID-19 as well. Fortunately, life goes on for most of us and our daily task is to remove and dispose of waste. As a result, we created and implemented protocols to minimize risks so that during this time we continue to help our clients. Today, Junk Bunk continues to offer truly “touchless” junk removal service for both your safety and peace of mind throughout London.

Waste collection has been a significant concern for many homes as a result of COVID-19. Many are using their free time to do great cleaning inside their homes. But for all of us, it is very essential to select a company that will adhere to hygiene guidelines. Strict hygiene as well as social distance procedures have been implemented and will continue to be implemented to ensure the safety of our customers.

What we include in our daily operations:

1. Our staff performs a risk assessment every day before we start work confirming that they don’t have any symptoms of COVID-19.

2. Our teams maintain a social distance of 6 feet with the client and if possible we don’t face our clients at all.

3. You will receive the quote only by sending a photo by email to our customer agents.

4. You can pay for the service by card over the phone, avoiding social exposure.

5. Gloves, masks and disinfectant preparations are provided in every van and are used regularly by our teams to protect themselves and you.

6. The tools used during the process of a job are cleaned and disinfected after we finish so that they are cleaned for the next job.

Our teams during this time will be no more than two people. These teams follow all the instructions and measures that they must apply unconditionally.

We are still operating inside the house when requested by the client. When operating indoors there are some suggestions that we would like you to consider.

1. If it will be possible and easy for you to consider leaving garbage outside your home to avoid physical contact with you.

2. Please leave doors and windows open wherever possible by minimizing the number of items we need to touch.

3. You can leave your rubbish collected in a room if this will be not a problem for you.

4. Items and debris that are easy to place in the bags will be safer for both parties.

  • Once we have finished working on your property with the removal of debris, it is a good idea to do some major cleaning.

We support you at all times and fight for your health by taking any kind of waste from your property throughout London. We want your premises to be without waste and safe during the time of the pandemic so you can call us at 0203 769 2921 and we will provide you with our help.

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