Keep London Tidy – ‘Fly-Tipping’

The environment around us is an essential part of human existence. People who do not care about the environment, basically do not understand how important it is to all of us even if that it does not affect them directly.

Our health, food safety can be negatively affected by the wrong disposal of waste and toxic materials, which pollute water and soil, poison crops, and possibly contribute to a higher rate of cancer and disorders. We all should be concerned about the environment.

What we are most concerned about is the illegal dumping of waste in areas not designated for dumping. In UK, this is called fly-tipping and even though is illegal, it is still done by uninformed people who just don’t care about the environment. This is a problem that must be reported any time we see it happening.

What is fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of liquid or solid waste. It is a crime that harms the environment and may expose a public health risk. Fly-tipping is also financial distress to our state.

Damages of fly-tipping.

It can cause pollution of the environment and put animals and human beings in danger. The waste that is dumped illegally and uncontrolled illegal waste removal could have hazardous materials which could be poisonous to humans, plants, and animals. Besides that, it can also have long-term effects on the soil because chemicals can leak into the soil and end up in the groundwater.

Another side effect of fly-tipping is the transmission of diseases. Animals might eat from the waste or make their homes in the waste and become ill or infected. This can then be spread to pets, local food and water supplies, and people who might come in contact with the animals or who drink from the diseased water and eat the contaminated food. This is most typical in urban areas but the spreading of disease can happen anywhere.

Fly-tipping is serious and it changes the quality of life.

Where Fly Tipping Is Most Common

People looking for places they can fly-tip without being seen will often choose a quiet, distant area. They think that if they don’t get caught, fly-tipping doesn’t harm anyone.

Why Fly Tip?

We don’t believe that people who fly-tip understand that they are causing damage to the environment. Fly-tipping generally happens because of laziness and the idea of saving money. Having your waste removal can cost money. It can also cost money to remove waste at your local household waste recycling center by hand.

Several people think that they can avoid these costs by dumping their waste on public highways. There are many cases of people fly-tipping on private car parks, blocking the way for the residents who live close. In reality, many of them don’t understand the harm they are doing.

People fly-tip because they often don’t know how to deal with waste correctly, they don’t have the time or they just can’t afford to. One of the best ways to avoid fly-tipping and to keep excess waste out of our landfills is to educate and inform people on the benefits of recycling and create easier ways of disposing of household waste.

One of the best ways to avoid fly-tipping and to keep excess waste out of our landfills is to educate and inform people on the benefits of recycling and create proper ways of disposing of waste.

So, for your health, that of your relatives and for the world of animals and plants please don’t fly-tip. Find a reliable partner to remove your waste and protect the environment from this waste because it can cost the lives of many populations.

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