10 Tips and Tricks to Dismantle a Garden Shed

how to dismantle a garden shed
how to dismantle a garden shed

Are you thinking of removing your old shed which is ruining the look of your yard? Removing a shed is not as simple as building it. Removing the shed is a process that must be done step by step and make sure that everything will go properly. To begin with, disassembling your shed we will help you with some tips and tricks.

 1. Make a dismantling plan
As a start you should consider the materials used, regardless of whether or not you want to reuse those materials. Identify structural and non-structural materials. Structural items are those that hold the shed up and together, while non-structural materials can be removed without collapsing all or part of the shed.

2. Ask for help
Once you have made the plan it would be good to seek the help of a family member or neighbor to dismantle your shed. You can do this work yourself but it would take you a long time. It will take at least two men to save time.


how to dismantle a garden shed


3. What you’ll need
-Flat headed screwdriver or other prising tool for the roof felt
-Electric screwdriver
-Two men

4. Remove the fascia boards and corner trims
Start with the details. Unscrew the screws that secure the finials, fascias and corner trims to your shed. This will not affect the structure of the shed at all as they are just details that help protect the timbers.

building garden shed



5. Take the doors and windows off
Remove the doors by unscrewing the hinge mounts from the shed body. When they’re off the body of the shed, take off all the metalwork – hinges, locks, catches and so on. Unscrew the window frames and carefully remove their glass.

6. Remove the roof boards
Using your flat-headed screwdriver, prise out the tacks from your roofing felt. When the roof boards are exposed, unscrew the screws and slide them off the frame. Here it is really useful to have a second person as the roof boards slide easily once you remove the screws.

7. Take roof framing and braces off
Unscrew the L-brackets that hold the roof brace to the sides of the shed. It’s at this point that things might start to get a bit wobbly, so don’t lean on any wall or surface because it may well not hold your weight.

8. Detach the frame from the floor
Carefully work across the floor, removing all screws that hold your shed at the base.

building a new shed


9. Unscrew the frame corners
Working one corner at a time, remove the screws from the corners where the panels meet. Start with the front gable and work your way around.

10. Remove debris left behind by your shed
Lastly, make sure that the items collected from the dismantling of your shed, such as wood, metals, glass, etc., are removed from your garden. For this, you can arrange a waste removal service on the same day so your children or your pets are not damaged by the dismantled landfill waste.

If you think all of the above is too much for you, you can always visit – Shed Clearance London, and your shed will be dismantled and taken away by professionals.

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