Types of Property Clearance

For many reasons, you may need to declutter your property. The types of house clearance are slightly different from each other. You may need to simply remove a single item but you may also need a full property clearance.

Below we will explain the main types of house clearance by a private rubbish removal company.

Moving to a new house

The moment you leave your old house the owners seek to find it clutter-free. The same thing will happen if the house is owned by you and you decide to take the tenant, sure you have to leave it without waste. Most of the items you need will be moved to your new home but some of the items that you don’t use anymore will be left behind. In these situations, the waste that remains on the property will have to be disposed of and a house clearance service would be the best solution.

Probate Clearance

After one of your relatives passes away and leaves property behind as an asset what you have to do is to clean his house from debris. Accordance to their will, the house of the deceased can be cleaned of all items. This includes transferring his belongings, donating them or sending them for recycling. In some such difficult moments and situations, these items can be picked up by a rubbish removal company and you focus on the more important things.

Landlord House Clearance

To own a house or several apartments for tenants is difficult to clean by yourself from clutter and debris. Usually, in lease contracts, the tenant must leave the home without the junk. In some cases, this does not happen. While you can keep their deposit you can not force them to remove garbage from the property. Instead, you can find support in a professional waste disposal company and save your time to quickly turn things around for your new tenants.

Full property clearance

It often happens that for a long time you do not deal with waste disposal and it is scattered in every corner of your home. Or after a renovation on your property, you find light and heavy waste everywhere. It can be in your bedroom, kitchen, garage or your backyard. In this case, you need a complete house clearance which includes the removal of debris from every corner of your property.

There are many options for property clearance. You can carefully look at the options we have explained and determine which one suits you best to solve your problem.


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