Duty of Care – Waste Transfer Note (WTN)

Did you know that the waste you get rid of makes a documented route? The moment you arrange waste removal, all your garbage is stored in a document called Waste Transfer Note. But what is a duty of care waste transfer note? The answer to this question and many others can be found below.

A duty of care certificate or waste transfer note is a document that is legally required by businesses that produce waste. This document details the transfer of waste and there is a clear audit trail from when the waste is produced until it is disposed of. According to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 the document includes the business and the owner.

Waste transfer notes include commercial, industrial and household waste. We as individuals have a legal responsibility to produce, transport and dispose of waste in a controlled manner without harming the environment. This is our duty of care waste.

How to make and complete waste transfer notes?

The responsibility is very big when you have to write a Waste transfer Note as you have to be very specific with the data and details you have to give. You should focus only on the transfer and things related to it, and be careful, avoid using vivid words because this is not some demand note templates. Your waste transfer note templates should be stored somewhere for later use.

  • A WTN should contain:
  1. A description of the waste
  2.  Any processes the waste has been through
  3. What does the waste contain and how is it packaged
  4. The amount of waste
  5. The place and date of transfer
  6. The name and address of both parties
  7. Data of the permit, licence or exemption of the person receiving the waste
  8. The licence or registration number of the person handing over the waste
  9. The appropriate European Waste Catalogue  (EWC) code for your waste
  10. The Standard Industry Code (SIC) of your business

Once you have carefully completed all that is required of you, it is a legal requirement to keep copies of all waste transfer notes/ waste transfer information for at least two years.

If you need waste removal make sure the company you choose follows such a route to take responsibility for your waste. On the contrary, if the waste is not disposed of and recycled properly and damages the environment, the responsibility falls all on you.

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