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With the coming of spring in just a couple of months, you get the opportunity to work on your garden and make it into something you will enjoy for the next few seasons, before the snow returns and ruins it for everyone again. Landscaping done right will make the garden and the lawn look beautiful
How to dispose of your fridge in a responsible and eco-friendly manner?
Be it due to malfunction or the changing needs of your household, there might come a day when you’ll need a new fridge. Which raises the question: what to do with the old one? And more importantly, what can you do to dispose of your old fridge in a responsible manner that does not harm
Quick and Simple Household Fixes for Better Living
Every home needs some maintenance every now and again. Setting out to see what’s wrong with the house and fixing it is only one part of being a homeowner, so make sure you know the part and know how to play it. You do not have to be a professional handyman to deal with all
Teach your children how the paper is made and how recycling can help save trees and forests. Explain them that instead of throwing away plastic bags, we can recycle and turn plastic into something new. Here are some very easy ways to explain to your kids the need of recycling. 1. Read about recycling A

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