4 years – Junk Bunk Ltd

Happy 4th anniversary Junk Bunk

Junk Bunk continues with its commitments to help the citizens of London and the environment for 4 years now. It all started in 2016 in a small office in North London which grew to the size of a large company very quickly and continues growing every day. The question that arises is: How did it all start? The answer and much more is revealed by our CEO below.

And he just starts. I was still a young man at the moment when I had this idea about waste disposal.

I lived and worked in North London. The same year when all this started one of my neighbors was doing a big renovation in his house. But what impressed me the most was a super large pile of trash that I looked at in his backyard every morning when I went to work, even when I was returning from work. Items were standing there. Thanks to my neighbor I realized how big is the need of having someone to help you with. I started doing research right away.

Happy 4th anniversary Junk Bunk

While I was doing market research, I noticed two things:

1. London has many companies operating for waste disposal.

2. London still needs more environmentally friendly waste disposal companies

So I decided to do something and help London with this really big problem. To invest all my savings in something like this, was one of the best things I could have done in my life. This made me really happy.

In the first steps of Junk Bunk, we had a small office, a single customer agent, and a driver. That was all. Offering a big range of household services with such small opportunities is a big challenge so we started removing small Items first. In a very short time, I realized that this was not enough to meet the Londoner’s needs. I moved on with conducting some passionate teams to help in this field. This is where the evolution of Junk Bunk began.

Junk Bunk London

After expanding with new teams, we increased the number of services and this act brought new clients. It was obvious that day by day the customers received better services. This encouraged me to broaden the customer support staff and Junk Bunk’s small office as a box would no longer be convenient. I did all this, doubled the teams and the vans, a new office with large space as well as a depo for collection and recycling.


After a while, Junk Bunk enriched the area coverage from North London to Greater London because people’s requests were growing. So I thought that local teams in every area and additional waste depots will be the best thing for the customers in London. Here began the new era for Junk Bunk.

With this move, we achieved our goal and today customers receive the services they need. This is based on the tireless work we do to offer them what they are looking for. Another thing is that a lot of our clients decide to choose Junk Bunk a few times and the feedback they leave is what I love the most.

An important thing for most people is to achieve the goal they started. Our goal, as a staff, is to help people and the environment by removing the unpleasant and harmful waste in our lives.