Rubbish Removal Thames Ditton KT7

Thames Ditton rubbish removal is our thing; we at Junk Bunk have been providing a wide range of rubbish collection services to residents and businesses for a lot of years. As the exceptional Thames Ditton rubbish collection, we offer great quality service, and affordable prices are as well.

Rubbish Removal Thames Ditton KT7

We are strong-minded to provide a cost-effective, dependable, and high-quality service to everyone in the area and we think we’re doing a pretty good job so far. If you’d like to see it for yourself, just call 020 3769 2921 and speak to the professionals. We’ll be happy to help.


Reasonably priced rubbish removal services aren’t always easy to come across. Even companies that seem rational at first look be likely to add lots of unknown extras on so when you get that final bill you may be surprised. But we promise that will never experience this when you come to us at Junk Bunk.

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PHONE: 020 3769 2921

We are dedicated to providing the best rubbish clearance in Thames Ditton for the lowest prices, every time. There are no hidden fees to add on top. When you call 020 3769 2921 to get your free quote, that’s the price you’ll pay, and it will always be less than anywhere else.


Unlike some other waste removal companies in Thames Ditton operating in the area, when we pick up your waste, we won’t just take it to a landfill and dump it. Our company is not only created on the principles of brilliant customer service and great prices but a commitment to helping save the planet.

Min load 10 Mins
1/4 load 20 Mins
1/3 load 30 Mins
1/2 load 40 Mins
3/4 load 50 Mins
Full load 60 Mins

We are fully dedicated to recycling and reusing as much of your unwanted rubbish as possible and usually, we are able to recycle most of what we collect. To work with a Thames Ditton rubbish collection company with principles call 020 3769 2921 today.