Shed Clearance in Mayfair W1

We give you the superior shed clearance in Mayfair. We operate in the entire W1 district and make sure that no customers are left wanting. We provide satisfaction with our work, we will take care of all the clutter you want to be handled swiftly and efficiently. We make no promises, we provide facts.

Excellent cost rates and efficiency

Value for money is what we strive for with all our services. You get the high quality work of our collectors at any cost, that is a given and a certainty. When it comes to prices, things get even simpler. We will list the price for ½ load and then you decide on the extra labor you want to pay. We provide two collectors and you decide whether you want to pay for more. Basically, you choose the price and we go with whatever you want. We will, of course, give you a final free quote to see the final price and once you agree, the service is a go.

Professionals collectors on the job

Our teams are ready and waiting for you to call. Once they are let loose, they arrive on time exactly where you wanted them to be, and the work immediately begins. The shed clearance will be handled as quickly as possible and if you want the shed gone, then we will dismantle it piece by piece and get rid of it for you. Do not worry about supplying us with anything. We bring the tools and equipment, we bring the van and bags, we will have all the means to do the perfect job. We have enough experience never to back off from a challenge.

Do not wait too long!

Call right away to get the superior shed clearance in Mayfair. Keep the shed clutter-free with our help. Get the lawn to become shed-free with our help. The more you hesitate, the more clutter you get. With us on the job, the work will be a seamless transition between a lot of clutter and no clutter at all. We know how to please the customer and are a reliable source that you can trust.

Contact our 24/7 customer service to get the friendly attention you deserve and all your questions will be answered. We will have exclusive deals for you and we will have teams waiting, so give us a try today!

Call us on +442037692921 and find out more about how we can help!


Only if you dial our phones you will get extremely quick the opportunity to make use of our best clearance services.

Our client testimonials

  • I just used JUNK BUNK - Rubbish Removal Services and I am really happy about the initial clearance that took place at my house. Everything I expected and more when I got home. I almost don't want to touch or use anything in my house it's so clean.Trust, attention to detail and competitive pricing are only a few of the many qualities this company has illustrated.
    Ben Iner
  • Thank you so much to the crew who cleared rubbish in my house for me last Wednesday (12 June) exceeded all my expectations. This was my first clearance of rubbish and I gotta tell you that I'm looking forward to next ones. Thank you!
    Clint Jones(Travis Co.)
  • I would like to thank the Junk Bunk team that came over recently to my house and cleared my garden, I couldn`t have handled all that mess by my own, the boys did it like it was a piece of cake.(19/01/2017)

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