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refreshing the house

Are you not sick of the boring state your home has been in for so long? There are so many ways with which you can counteract this pesky adjective. You can make the house better as soon as today and the sooner you start the sooner you will get the results you wanted. You just

clean and clear home

Spiritual peace and spatial freedom are actual requirements for a better life. Research shows that more free space does wonders for an imaginative mind, giving it all the workspace in the world to create. It is also not only restricted to the home environment. Any environment you can thrive in is an environment spent time

bar and restaurants food waste disposal

With so many restaurants around the world it is impossible not to speak about the leftovers. Leftover food is something that accumulates at the end of every single workday of every single restaurant or bar slash diner. And that does beg the question: What happens to all that food? A city-worth of restaurants accumulate a

house loft clearance

You put something in the loft because it is so out of your way and you no longer look back until there is a reason to go up and look for something. And then you realise what kind of mess your loft is and how much work you will have to do someday – or

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