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garage clearance excellent results

Garage clearance can sometimes be a tough task. It is more than a chore. It is quite a lot of hard work and can take you days, weeks, even months. We will try to make it a little bit easier for you, by sharing some helpful tips. Let’s start! First of All – Everything Is

furniture disposal London

There are some simple techniques to be used when moving heavy furniture that needs to be disposed of. Since we feel generous, we decided to share those tips for an easy and quick furniture disposal. ‘Hook’ Chairs Around Every Corner. If you need to get rid of a big old chair and you cannot get

white goods disposal

When referring to white goods we usually mean refrigerators, freezers, stoves etc. These devices certainly make our lives easier and save time. Unfortunately they break or grow old and we do not need them in our houses because they take up too much space. What do we do when we want to get rid of

Green Tips for Office Clearance

Green Tips for Office Clearance

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 by

Green office clearance is of great importance and benefits the environment as well as the people working in the office. If it is time to move your office and need clearance, or just want to redecorate and have new furniture and appliances, here are some green tips for that: Gather all the unnecessary paper and

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