Furniture Disposal in Haringey N4, N8, N15

Do you need to remove the old furniture?

Maybe it is already time to change the furniture at your place. Then, stop wondering what to do and call us now so we can help you with that. We are everywhere in Haringey! We are a professional team who work for the comfort of your place. Every time you need furniture disposal in London get in touch with us and get rid of what you do not need.

Furniture Disposal Haringey N4 N8 N15

Get best quality of service!

You can come at meet us face to face in our office or simply call us now. Our team is efficient, quick, motivated, very professional, fully equipped and always striving towards perfection. We possess all the necessary tools and know-how in order to effortlessly go and execute our job. Our teams work hard and when you come back you will find your place like an entirely new universe- clean from everything needless.

We do everything. You just have to call us. Give us the address and the time you want us there and leave the work to our team. We have the needed equipment to perform the job perfectly.

Make the right choice for furniture disposal!

We serve you in the best possible way at the most reasonable prices in the area! You pay for the number of furniture pieces removed, not for the number of people performing the job. You can thoroughly trust us with your furniture disposal matters. We are available at weekends and after working hours. On top of that, same day service is offered in urgent cases. So if you need us straightaway, we will be there for you! We keep your place tidy and we save your time and money.

If you want to have a sparkling place with no more unwanted old furniture, do not miss the chance to get in touch with us. We are on our way to you now!  Let us help you today! Let us be your favorite partner in this activity who help you save precious time. The only thing you have to do is to give us a call, tell us your address and the time you need us. All the rest is our job!

Call us on +442037692921 to arrange your new beginning! You will be happy with the result.


Only if you dial our phones you will get extremely quick the opportunity to make use of our best clearance services.

Our client testimonials

  • I just used JUNK BUNK - Rubbish Removal Services and I am really happy about the initial clearance that took place at my house. Everything I expected and more when I got home. I almost don't want to touch or use anything in my house it's so clean.Trust, attention to detail and competitive pricing are only a few of the many qualities this company has illustrated.
    Ben Iner
  • Thank you so much to the crew who cleared rubbish in my house for me last Wednesday (12 June) exceeded all my expectations. This was my first clearance of rubbish and I gotta tell you that I'm looking forward to next ones. Thank you!
    Clint Jones(Travis Co.)
  • I would like to thank the Junk Bunk team that came over recently to my house and cleared my garden, I couldn`t have handled all that mess by my own, the boys did it like it was a piece of cake.(19/01/2017)

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