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Whether you need a small or complete house clearance in Canonbury N1, Junk Bunk is in your readiness. If you need to get rid of a small sofa only, just a bed or a wardrobe even, call us on +44 20 3769 2921. Our specialized and fully equipped Canonbury house clearance N1 teams will dismantle
before and after junk bunk furniture disposal
Old furniture can be a nightmare to take care of. You cannot just dump them in the nearest city rubbish bin and you cannot leave it on the street. And then there is the part where you put all that effort just to take it out. Especially if you have a huge sofa that needs
before/after waste removal photo
The garden can get quite messy and it requires constant care in order to avoid overgrowth and weeding. That, by extension, requires more work on the garden with the clearance. Rubbish is easy to accumulate and then you have the occasions when you yourself make a clearance and end up with piles of bags of
jar with coins
The word ‘recycling’ often brings strange connotations to people who do it. Many think that it is something you should always do for free and then get nothing in return other than the space left behind. Surprise, surprise, you CAN actually profit from your rubbish. And here are 15 surprising things you can do it

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